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  • In Rainbows

    In Rainbows

  • Dream Be (Vivant Live Art Piece)

    Dream Be (Vivant Live Art Piece)

  • Retro Owl Votive Set

    Retro Owl Votive Set

  • Hands In Time

    Hands In Time

  • Live Painting VIII

    Live Painting VIII

  • Encinitas Sunset

    Encinitas Sunset

  • Crystal Skull Piece

    Crystal Skull Piece

  • Reflective Soul

    Reflective Soul

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Mirror Mirror (a persona piece)

Mirror Mirror (a persona piece)

mirror mirror you’ve been playing tricks on me trying to convince mea that the body that stands before you is mine that i’m supposed to have so much testosterone in these veins that my hips are meant to be square instead of round that i’m meant to have pecs instead of breasts fooling me into … Continued