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Random Poem 285

A important lesson came to fruition
when I stopped belting out lyrics
to “21 & Invincible” and realized
that I will never have
the resources I possess
at this second
at this second
at this second
(tragedy always comes in threes)

Most people my age
have bodies just stable enough
to hold down ounces of jager
on drives back from the night
and in mourning hours later,
get up in time for community college classes
pick their son from their mother’s
and make plans for the weekend
all the while holding on
to a relationship
that they describe as
‘hard to explain’
or ‘weird’
Weird relationships consists of
two human beings engaged
in interactions and farses
that contribute a mininal
amount of openess,
that combined,
roughly equal the quota of intimacy
necessary for a single person

They spend most of their time
questioning their own boredom
when they should ask themselves
why the leading disease
of causal relationships
doesn’t cause casualities
it’s only a causality
who’s cause is to aid us to vunerability.