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  • In Rainbows

    In Rainbows

  • Dream Be (Vivant Live Art Piece)

    Dream Be (Vivant Live Art Piece)

  • Retro Owl Votive Set

    Retro Owl Votive Set

  • Hands In Time

    Hands In Time

  • Live Painting VIII

    Live Painting VIII

  • Encinitas Sunset

    Encinitas Sunset

  • Crystal Skull Piece

    Crystal Skull Piece

  • Reflective Soul

    Reflective Soul

  • W.A.R.




So I’m making her a mixtape and I’m trying to figure out if I should but the best song first or the best song last those who tried to strum their veins with stainless steel guitar picks or those who *check* *check* *check* plugged themselves in with the sharpest quarter inches you’ve ever seen so … Continued